Atlas: What we do?

What we do?

Our job is to develop and distribute highly demanded products ensuring satisfactory turnover rates for our customers. Given the extensive experience in manufacturing Atlas manufacture five own brands and offer OEM services for other partners.

Market research

Being specialists in specific product lines allow us to gather great knowledge of the market in which we operate knowing perfectly how to distinguish the features that make a product a real commercial success.


Our business involves working with an extensive international network of manufacturing partners established in Asia. Due to this deep knowledge in the manufacturing process of IT products Atlas manufactures five brands: Nox, Krom, Drift, BG and B-Move.


Atlas is a company that has over 10 years of experience distributing in Spain internationally renowned brands. As a specialized distributor not only we introduce great products to our market, but also we have a sales team with extensive knowledge of the brand. This allows us to offer comprehensive advice to our clients.


AK Racing
Deep Cool
Drift Gaming
Nox Xtreme
Ozone Gaming


+34 952 03 85 00 /02
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